We have been developing HVAC software since 1970. Our more than 7’000 customers worldwide include planning engineers in air conditioning, clean room and process technology as well as manufacturers of finned heat exchangers and air conditioning units. To be offered:

1. AHH applications (basic version, extended version, professional version)

The Mollier-HX-Diagram and the Carrier-XH-Diagram with air processes, meteorological data and comfort areas, the profitability comparison of heat recovery circuit connect systems and the profitability of air condition-ing units with all heat recovery systems. The demo versions work without restrictions for 30 days. The download also contains the user installation manual for single users and networks.

2. HEH applications

For the calculation of finned heat exchangers, whereby the download contains PDF files with exemplary calculations.

3. CCS applications

For the calculation of heat recovery circuit connect systems, whereby the down-load contains PDF files with exemplary calculations.

4. Prices, Terms and conditions

There is free software, but it is often found that if something costs nothing, it is not worth much. There is software that costs only half, although it has to be said that this maybe only offers half the possibilities. There is our software, which is used by more than 7’000 engineers. You can choose between single users and networks, with the price of network licenses depending on how many users want to use the software at any one workstation in the entire network at the same time.

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