We are active since 1970 in the development of HVAC software. More than 5,000 customers worldwide are planning engineers, heat exchanger- and air-handling unit manufacturers.

The Mollier diagram and the Carrier diagram (Psychrometric chart) are combined in the application AHH (All in one).

User installation manual

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Mollier diagram and Carrier diagram (Psychrometric chart)

The Mollier diagram and the Carrier diagram (Psychrometric chart) are combined in the application AHH (All in one), used from more than 4,000 customers worldwide. The majority of applications have interfaces, which facilitate the use.

AHH Version 2019-04-09

The AHH download contains all 5 applications, which can be tested tax-free during 30 days. Orders can be made for 3, 4 or 5 applications. For orders from EAC and DEH, we need your company logo.

  • AHH: Mollier- & Carrier-Chart, air-processes
  • MDI: Meteorological data interface, service time selection
  • AHU: Neutral Air-Handling-Unit configurator for projects
  • EAC: Economy comparison of circuit connected systems
  • DEH: Economy from AHU’s with diverse heat recovery systems

Fin coil heat exchanger

We have two application groups of fin coil heat exchanger. In both groups there is the possibility to work with more or less risk management by increasing or decreasing the heat transfer coefficient.

You can modify the fouling factor for the agent and the air side and you can mix two heat transfer theories on the air side. The old theory gives too high values, the new theory provides to low values (VDI Wärmeatlas, ASHRAE Handbook Fundamentals). Based on numerous measurements and 46 year experience we recommend a ratio from 1:1.

Fin coil heat exchanger Version 2019-04-15

Circuit-Connect-Systems Version 2019-04-15

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