50 years experience in the HVAC branch

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Cert.-Eng. Marin Zeller TU, VDI, born in 1944, stays for 50 years experience in the HVAC branch.
For the sake of old age, I am looking for an engineer with good thermodynamic knowledge in the climate branch and programming experience who would like to take over my sole proprietorship. I am looking forward to your esteemed contact.

Since 2005, the most important applications, written in Excel, was further developed to high-level language in combination of Intel Fortran (Source) and MS C# (GUI, Graphical User Interface) under MS Visual Studio. This allows convenient the linking of various program modules (DLL, Dynamic Link Library) which exist in different programming languages.

Since 1996, Stanislav Korniliev, programmer, Kiev, Ukraine, complete our team. His specialties include the development of GUI, DLL and the linking under MS Visual Studio.

In 1992 the company has changed the hardware from DIGITAL-VAX mainframes to PCs and the software from Fortran to C++ (AHH, Mollier HX diagram) and Excel (Heat exchanger) and has developed a variety of software programs for the calculation of heat exchangers.

In 1987, Marin Zeller has founded the single company Zeller Consulting Suisse and developed until 1992 all software programs for the calculation of heat exchangers for a big German factory of heat exchangers.

Between 1970 and 1987 Marin Zeller was in a leading position at various Swiss factories of heat exchangers and air handling units. He developed software applications for the calculation of heat exchangers and their sale.

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